Careers at Abbotsford Community Services

Our employees are the most important resource in this organization. Each position and the contribution made within that position is equally valued.

We work hard to provide a work environment that is safe, caring & friendly

By supporting, encouraging and facilitating employee's personal and professional growth and well-being, we enable them to provide the highest quality of service to the community.

​Why work at ACS?

The 5 best things about working at ACS according to our employees:

  • ACS is a credible and professional agency that has a positive image in the community.
  • The workplace is welcoming, supportive, respectful, safe, fair and consensus based and promotes open communication.
  • Employees are well informed, competent, professional, committed, and they support each other in their teams and enjoy their work together.
  • Employees feel appreciated with a sense of contribution and connection to clients and their community, making meaningful differences in the lives of those they serve.
  • The organization offers good benefits, vacation time, flexible work hours, staff days, personal and professional growth and development opportunities.

If you are interested in one of our listed positions and you would like to apply, please click on the position's link for more details and the qualifications we require.

Career Listing

Group Facilitator

Prepares, promotes and schedules group sessions. The Group Facilitator also interviews (can include phone interview) and assesses participants' suitability, facilitates group sessions and obtains evaluations of the program's success.

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Front-Line Support Worker - Discovery Program

We are seeking a fun, creative and energetic individual who would like to join our Community Living team and help us ensure that adults with developmental disabilities have the support and encouragement they need to live happy, fulfilling, interactive and productive lives.

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Family Finder Worker - Family Connections Program

Family Finder worker promotes and develops the capacity of families and communities to protect children and to support child and family development by seeking out and involving extended family (kin and others) to meet the physical, mental, emotional and legal needs of children in need of protection. Reports to Program Supervisor for Abbotsford Community Services & MCFD.

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Recycling Team Member

Assist education staff in implementing 3R activities for children, education and public relations displays as well as help with a waste composition study and depot-related maintenance tasks.

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Front-Line Support Workers - STAR Club

STAR Club is hiring individuals who wish to join our team and help us foster and nurture the interests, hobbies and skills of the program participants.

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Support Worker - Summer Student Position

We are seeking a positive individual who would like to join our team and help us deliver a broad range of programs and activities to adults who have developmental and physical disabilities.

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