from child in care to youth worker

Success Story: From Child in Care to Youth Worker

Nyachol had the odds stacked against her. Find out how she was able to turn things around with the help of ACS programs. Learn more.

People Helping People

You have been our focus for over 45 years – helping in any way that we can for whatever your needs. As a large non-profit charitable organization ACS plays a significant role in this community. Take a few minutes to find out how we may be able to help you or someone in your family. Together – YOU and ACS – we make a stronger, healthier Abbotsford.

Wrap Up Some Joy This Holiday Season

We're looking for volunteers who can help wrap gifts at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre this holiday season. All proceeds will benefit Abbotsford Community Services.

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Congratulations, 2017 Community Builders' Awards Recipients

On October 26th the Abbotsford Community Services' Community Builders' Awards were held at The Reach. Congratulations and thank you to this year's recipients!

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Abbotsford Community Services

Every year, almost 40,000 people come through our doors looking for help from one or more of our 80 programs and services.

From newborn babies to seniors – we help people of all ages.

From women escaping violence to youth overcoming addictions – we help people in crisis.

From newcomers in Canada to people with developmental disabilities – we help people feel like they belong.

At Abbotsford Community Services, we are People Helping People.

Get Involved

Number 1


Share Your Talents! With 80 programs there are many areas where you can get involved! 

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Sponsor An Event

We have various events throughout the year that are looking to partner with sponsors. 

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Become A Member

Interested in becoming an Abbotsford Community Services member?

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Be A Cheerleader!

Spread the Word! Find out how you can be a cheerleader and supporter of Abbotsford Community Services.

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