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What reviewers are saying about "It Takes Raindrops to Fill a Lake" by ACS Founder Walter Paetkau:

"A gripping tale about community building in Abbotsford – really." Read more.

– Christina Toth, writer, former reporter at Abbotsford Times

"The title of this compelling history speaks for its obvious reality---many have been the needful raindrops that have filled the lake of Abbotsford Community Services." Read more.

-Ron Dart, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of the Fraser Valley

"It is truly an historical document; one to be cherished by future generations." Read more.

-Arlene Kropp, Former ACS Board Member and community volunteer

"Not only is this book a beautiful walk through the history of Abbotsford community spirit but it is also a timely inspiration." Read more.

-Brenna Fynes, history writer and author of "Empress of Fortune"

"Walter’s writing style is extremely readable and the stories are of people right here in our community. Sometimes I could feel myself back in the era he describes." Read more.

-Linda Watson, retired teacher/counsellor, Abbotsford School District

"This book provides a critically important record on an organization in the Fraser Valley that has spanned a half century." Read more.

-Satwinder Kaur Bains, Director, South Asian Studies Institute, University of the Fraser Valley

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