Volunteer Gift Wrappers Needed over Christmas Season

Published On November 7th 2018

Abbotsford Community Services will once again offer a gift wrapping service at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre over the Christmas season, and is seeking volunteers.

Last year the booth wrapped approximately 2,000 gifts for 700 customers, raising much-needed funds for ACS’ Community Connections program. The program serves new immigrants and refugees in the community through English conversation circles, citizenship preparation classes, a knitting group, volunteer matching, and drop-in soccer. Community Connections also organizes special events such as an annual Ladies’ Night celebration for International Women’s Day.

Volunteers can sign up for gift wrapping shifts between December 1st to 24th by contacting program coordinator Luciana Silva at 778.549.5146 or connections@abbotsfordcommunityservices.com.

“We couldn’t do this without volunteers,” said Silva. “It’s a great volunteering opportunity that’s flexible and you get to be a part of helping busy shoppers and your community at the same time.”

Families, organizations or businesses who want to give back this holiday season can sign up for a group volunteer shift. “It was fun to volunteer with my co-workers, and even though I’m not great at wrapping I was able to take care of the payment side,” said past volunteer and ACS employee Danielle Windecker.

This year, ACS is offering a new corporate wrapping service at the booth, where local businesses can arrange to drop off presents for their staff or clients and collect them later, wrapped and ready.

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