“When we talk about recycling – we are talking about loving Mother Earth”

Published On January 22nd 2015

The Grade 3 class at Dormick Park Elementary School is learning all about the three R’s. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

In late January the class hosted a special group of visitors announcing a $26,947 donation to the Abbotsford Community Services Recycling Program.

Manager of Market Development & Brokerage, Ken Rasmussen and Matt Dupuis of Cascades Recovery Inc. have been involved with the local recycling plant since 2009. “The recycling education component of the Abbotsford Community Services Recycling Program is truly unique. We haven’t seen anything else quite like it anywhere in the country,” commented Rasmussen.

In 2009, the company made a commitment to donate a portion of their profits from every ton of raw paper products collected to recycling education. “Abbotsford Community Services Recycling, because of the longevity and the proactive attitude of the education program, is a perfect fit to live up to that commitment,” says Dupuis.

Since then, Cascades has donated $43,548 to the local program to further promote and expand recycling education.

Cascade Recovery Inc. is Canada’s largest and one of North America’s largest collector, processor and marketer of discarded materials. The company cares so much about paper and packaging, that when it is discarded, ‘we want it back’.

Near the end of the class presentation led by Laura Midan, Abbotsford Community Services Recycling Education Coordinator, teacher Maureen Ireland asked the enthusiastic group of students, “So what have we learned here today?”

“When we were talking about recycling we were really talking about loving Mother Earth,” replied one young student.

To learn more about recycling in Abbotsford visit www.acsrecycling.ca.

For more information on Cascades Recovery Inc. visit www.cascades.com