DELISH Catering

DELISH is a multi-ethnic catering service that brings together the talented culinary skills of newcomers to Canada. The DELISH program provides a menu of international flavours prepared on-site to meet the needs of clients throughout Abbotsford. The goal of DELISH is to help participants build confidence, social networks, and professional skill development for the Canadian marketplace.

In order to volunteer in the program, participants will be needed to be certified in FOODSAFE. During the volunteer portion of the program, participants gain experience in a kitchen and customer service, practice workplace English, and learn leadership skills.

Once participants have completed the volunteer portion of the program, there is the opportunity for participants to become “contract cooks” - i.e., being paid to work for DELISH on a contract basis. This will help to add additional income to newcomers’ households and provide valuable Canadian work experience. Cooks can stay on contract as long as they like, but income will be determined by participant availability and the growth of DELISH.

Program Benefits:

  1. Builds participants’ confidence in a supporting environment.
  2. Participants can receive a free FOODSAFE preparation course provided by ACS.
  3. Participants can practice workplace English. Opportunity to learn and practice workplace English with an emphasis on expanding vocabulary in the hospitality industry.
  4. Participants can practice and improve their customer service skills.
  5. Financial Literacy Skills: Once a contract cook, you will be able to earn an income and learn how to work as a “contractor”.
  6. Networking Component: Participants will make community connections, develop teamwork and leadership skills.
  7. Canadian Experience: Participants will gain hands on work and volunteer experience. DELISH will also be available to be used as a reference for future employers.

Program Details

The following are the components and criteria for the DELISH Catering and Training program.

  1. Applicant has an interest for cooking (professional experience not necessary) and minimum CLB 4
  2. Applicant has availability during the day
  3. Applicant is able to work in a fast paced kitchen environment
  4. Applicant is a team player
  5. Applicant is legally allowed to work in Canada

If you might be interested, please contact for an application or more information.