Hearthstone Place- Supportive Housing Project

Opening its doors on March 1st, 2017, Hearthstone Place is a low-barrier housing initiative that supports men and women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Unlike a temporary emergency shelter bed, this program provides a stable home for an optimal period of between 18 to 24 months. The focus during this time period is on addressing personal barriers, which may include addiction and/or mental health, with the ultimate goal of reintegration into the community and market housing.

The Supportive Housing project is a partnership between the City of Abbotsford, the Provincial Government and Abbotsford Community Services (ACS). Through our many collaborative community partnerships we provide both basic in-house support 24/7 as well as referrals for community programming and support which may include: connection to outreach workers, mental health workers, social workers, counselors, nurses and other skilled professionals to address the specific needs of our tenants. Our goal is to help transition those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless off of the streets and into a long term stable independent housing.

This model follows a “housing first” strategy, which has been empirically proven, at both the local and international levels, that people are more likely to seek services and take steps towards personal stability if they have a home. Residents are not required to be clean and sober to live here, but they are expected to follow clearly defined rules with regard to their personal conduct, both inside and outside the building. The residents of our building are those who want to rebuild their lives, and are accountable for working towards those goals.

  • Addiction services
  • Life skills and anger management training
  • Health and community support referrals
  • Food security through a community kitchen
  • Access to physical and mental health services
  • Access to employment and education services
  • Access to various group programs
  • Assistance in obtaining identification and medical cards
  • Money skills program to help with budgeting and debt management

Short Term Goals for Residents

  • Food security
  • Housing security
  • Financial stability
  • Community integration
  • Life skills development
  • Healthy lifestyles development

Long Term Goals for Residents

  • Positive reintegration into the community
  • Health and wellness including physical and mental health and addiction recovery
  • Transition from the supportive housing program to a permanent, affordable and stable housing

The admission process is designed to ensure there is a blend of residents which creates a functional, stable community. There is always a focus on personal growth and enhancing independence in supported housing of this nature. Each potential resident will be required to be on the BC Housing Registry and complete an in-depth application to assist with the screening process.

Suitable candidates will be those who agree to the rules of the residence and are willing to work on goals identified at intake. These may include addiction issues, mental and physical health or employment.

To apply:

On the waiting list?

The wait-time for applicants depends on several factors. Please do not call about your place on the waiting list as staff do not have this information readily available.

Experience in other jurisdictions has shown that supported housing can work as part a crime reduction strategy. If homeless people are in stable housing, there is less likelihood they will create public disorder and will be in a better position to address life challenges they may face.

In order to encourage community dialogue, to engage community and to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas, information, concerns and support, ACS created a Good Neighbour Committee. The Good Neighbour Committee is comprised of representatives from ACS, the City of Abbotsford, Fraser Health and representatives of the business and local resident community.

If you are a resident of the Gladys Avenue and Pine Street neighbourhood, you are welcome to sit on the Good Neighbour Committee. This committee meets monthly and works to address any issues arising in the integration of the residence with the neighbhourhood. To obtain more information please email: supportivehousing@abbotsfordcommunityservices.com