Support for Children & Youth Ages 3 to 19

We provide a range of appropriate, timely and accessible assessment, treatment and/or support services to children and youth who have been sexually abused, and to children under the age of 12 with sexual acting out behaviours. Individual counselling is from a client centered perspective utilizing the modalities of art and play therapy when appropriate. Treatment may include individual and/or family counselling depending on the needs of the young person, to facilitate healing within the family system. We also offer non-offending parent/guardian groups for the same purpose, covering topics such as safety, secrets, communication, boundaries and emotions. Support groups for children and youth are also offered as the need arises.

Referrals: Come from a variety of community, and professional sources. Self-referral is also accepted.

Funding: These services are provided free of charge in order to free women, children and families up to pursue healing for themselves. The SAIP program is funded primarily through funding provided by the Ministry of Children and Family Development. 

Other sources of funding are provided by the Abbotsford Lions Club, The Crime Victims Assistance Program, Community Members and other Service Clubs. We would like to thank all of our donors whose generous donations make it possible to provide these critical services to our community.

Please feel free to download and print or share these brochures on sexual abuse awareness and prevention, which are available in English, Punjabi, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish.

Funded in part by: