Discovery Program for Adults with Diverse Abilities

Our Mission

We are committed to providing groups, personalized supports & services, and advocacy to individuals of diverse abilities. Our Community Living team aims to enhance individuals’ capacity to make informed choices leading to employment, independence, and their full integration in the broader community.

Our Program Goals:

  • To encourage and support individuals of all abilities to live fulfilling, interactive and productive lives.
  • To provide a supportive environment which offers a wide variety of engagement opportunities, activities and experiences
  • To inspire individuals in identifying and achieving great personal goals & objectives
  • To foster the development of skills, leading to increased independence and autonomy
  • To promote and stimulate the formation of healthy peer relationships, which then can be self-sustained in the broader community
  • To provide volunteer, pre-employment, and work opportunities

Who we serve:

  • Adults currently in receipt of Disability Benefits
  • Adults with a developmental disability who wish to attend a day program geared to their individual needs
  • Adults with a developmental disability who wish to share their time in a supported environment


  • Willing to engage in volunteerism to develop hands-on skills
  • Establish and maintain good communication with staff to ensure that goals and needs are met
  • Inform staff of any issues that may affect success in securing and maintaining employment
  • Obtain full support from caregiver/family to assist with time-management, life skills and transportation

Eligibility Guidelines

  • The Discovery Program is funded by Community Living BC (CLBC)
  • Referrals to participate in the Discovery Program must come through CLBC