Linking Families With Childcare Providers

Your Community’s BEST source of child care information and resources

We link families and child care providers in the community of Abbotsford by offering free consultation, support, access to professional help, and referral services to parents seeking child care. We work with the community and strive for quality inclusive day care services that meet the needs of local families and to promote the healthy development of children.

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Parents are supported through referral information, assisting with subsidy applications and faxing the applications to the subsidy office. All types of child care choices are given to parents.

Services Available:

  • Information regarding quality child care
  • Consulting services and resources
  • Access to professional help for children
  • Referrals to child care providers in neighborhood locations
  • Follow-up on placements
  • Subsidy applications and renewal forms
  • Group social activites
  • Learning opportunities

Child care providers are supported through outreach, consultations, referrals, resource & equipment lending library, group social activities, networking and learning opportunities.

Services Available:

  • Referrals and consultations with experienced staff
  • Networking and group social opportunities
  • Workshops and information sessions
  • Quarterly newsletter and resource materials Library and equipment loans
  • Supportive home/facility visits
  • Child care business start-up information and guidance
  • Monthly meetings and workshops
  • Toy lending library