Linking Families With Childcare Providers

Your Community’s BEST source of child care information and resources

We link families and child care providers in the community of Abbotsford by offering free consultation, support, access to professional help, and referral services to parents seeking child care. We work with the community and strive for quality inclusive day care services that meet the needs of local families and to promote the healthy development of children.

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Parents are supported through referral information and assisting with the Affordable Child Care Benefit Applications process. Parents can get support with a full range of child care referrals including licensed group care, family child care, registered license-not-required child care, out of school care and preschool.

Services Available:

  • Referral to child care facilities.
  • Information to assist in making informed child care choices.
  • Assistance with the Affordable Child Care Benefit Program including access to public computers for online applications and free faxing.
  • Information on community resources.

Child care providers are supported through outreach, consultations, referrals, lending library, networking and learning opportunities.

Services Available:

  • Parent referrals
  • Support services, including home visits
  • Outreach to licensed facilities
  • Registry for license-not-required childcare
  • Training and workshops
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Lending library