Building Relations & Connections

Building relations between parents and children can be rewarding and is possible through the Family Connections program. Working together with MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development), social workers, and other community stakeholders families are connecting and building strong foundations. Life skills and home management is offered for parents referred by MCFD.

There are 3 main areas in which Family Connections assists families with children in foster care.

  1. Family Outreach – acting as a liaison with MCFD, through in-home and in-community visits, we offer intervention and resources to assist families with children aged birth – 12 years to make positive changes in parenting styles and behaviours
  2. Enhanced Access – offers the opportunity for parents and their children aged birth – 14 years to spend time together when the children are in foster care
  3. Counselling – is for parents of children aged birth – 14 years who recognize that their inability to parent effectively is caused by unresolved issues or relationship difficulties

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