Homeless Prevention Program

The Homeless Prevention Program is an initiative aimed at providing individuals in identified at-risk groups facing homelessness with portable rent supplements and support services to help them access rental housing in the private (non-subsidized) housing market. The rent supplements and support services help recipients access rental housing in the private (non-subsidized) housing market and community-based services.

The Homeless Prevention Program operates, in many instances, as an enhancement to the existing Homeless Outreach Program / Aboriginal Homeless Outreach Programs and targets individuals at transition points that put them at greater risk of homelessness. This enhancement, the Homeless Prevention Program (HPP), includes additional rental supplements and supports that specifically target people leaving the corrections and hospital systems, women who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence, youth (including those leaving the care system), and people of Aboriginal descent.


If you are eligible and approved, the rent supplement can assist with:

• Your rent

• Your damage deposit

• Storage for your belongings as you wait to move into a new home

• Ensuring access to utilities (for example, heat and water)

• Moving expenses