Youth Group Home

The vision of this group home is to provide a residential program where youth feel safe, stable and have the ability to achieve their personal goals. We work to treat youth with dignity, respect, fairness, courtesy and compassion in a non-judgmental way. We hope that through empowerment, youth can achieve their goals.

Provides temporary (3-6 months) structured living accommodations for 6 co-ed youth (13-18 years of age) who have been referred by the Ministry of Children and Family Development or Fraser Valley Aboriginal Child and Family Services (FVACFS).

Quick Facts

  1. Many of our resident youth have experienced various forms of trauma. Research has shown that a rocking motion helps individuals self-regulate their emotions. With that in mind, we used funds raised in the Home Depot Orange Door Campaign to build a glider swing to help youth self-regulate.
  2. Youth need safety and stability which is the group home’s primary goal. Hopefully after that is achieved they can move on to more permanent housing.
  3. Many of our youth are not in the care of their parents and a social worker is their legal guardian.
  4. We are a co-ed receiving and assessment home for youth between the ages of 13-18.