Cross-Cultural Understanding & Learning

We envision a just society that embraces the value, dignity and diversity of all human beings.

Diversity Education promotes cross-cultural understanding and learning within our community. How do we do that?

  • providing workshops and trainings
  • through an extensive resource lending library
  • providing assistance and consulting in policy development & organizational change

Ongoing workshops are facilitated for businesses community organizations, school classes, youth & adult programs. Topics include these and more:

  • racism
  • anti-racism response training
  • stereotypes & biases
  • diversity awareness
  • anti-homophobia & challenging heterosexism
  • responding to discrimination
  • diversity in media, marketing and communication
  • hiring for diversity

Abbotsford Community Services has developed a locally based Diversity and Immigration Partnership Council to involve people who work in different sectors (such as health, education, real estate and agriculture) in planning for the successful integration of more than 1000 newcomers who arrive in this city each year, and the many new immigrants who live in the Fraser Valley. A group of business and community leaders who represent a variety of sectors and expertise form the Partnership Council. The main work of the Partnership Council is to oversee the development of a local newcomer settlement strategy and action plan, with the ultimate goal of factoring immigrant settlement and integration into the broader community planning process.

The Fraser Valley Human Dignity Coalition (FVHDC) is a group of community stakeholders & concerned citizens that work to address issue of hate and biased activities in Abbotsford. The coalition promotes:

  • community partnerships
  • supports victims of hate and bigotry
  • provides citizens with public awareness & education opportunities

Check out and submit to the Coalition blog:

The Safe Harbour program promotes an inclusive British Columbia that celebrates strong, healthy and diverse communities. It all begins with local storefront businesses and agencies.

Safe Harbour locations serve as sanctuaries for people who experience discrimination or harassment and briefly need a safe place to go. Each location understands and welcomes diversity. Each Safe Harbour location is part of a growing network of smart, forward-looking businesses that proudly embrace the richness and diversity of BC's communities.


The Diversity Education Office has brought together a diverse group of young adults, community activists, and knowledge keepers to form the Urban Eco Collective. In February and March the collective is launching its first workshop series: Ancestral Wisdom and Urban Food Systems. This series will be provided in Abbotsford and Toronto simultaneously. Each location is offering various workshops on the themes of food justice, identity, and worldviews. To provide a holistic perspective on western food systems, the Urban Eco Collective is collaborating with various organizations and individuals to bring an empowering and active workshop to the Cities of Abbotsford and Toronto. Participants can expect to develop understanding, tools, and skills that will lead to their ability to fully participate in local food justice initiatives. For workshop and accessibility details please visit the website, or contact the Diversity Education office.


Phone: 604.859.7681 local 270

If You Experience Discrimination:

  1. Say something- say something to the offender
  2. Get help - ask someone to help respond to the situation, especially if someone is physically hurt
  3. Write it down - write down all the details you can remember (date, time, place, what happened)
  4. Tell someone - tell a friend, a teacher, a police officer, or anyone you can trust
  5. Report it - report it to the Diversity Education office and we will assist you in getting more help if you need it