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India2Canada is a FREE service designed for immigration applicants who have been approved for Permanent Resident status. The program provides pre-arrival guidance to ease the transition to Settlement & Integration.

Let India2Canada make your transition easier.

The India2Canada program will guide you through:

  • Canadian culture, customs and daily life
  • Different provinces and where to live
  • Housing options
  • Documents needed before leaving
  • Employment and job search
  • Building your resume
  • Schools and education systems
  • Financial Literacy and Banking Systems
  • Healthcare

India2Canada - meeting your settlement needs before you leave for Canada

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For Immediate Release

October 21, 2015

Abbotsford – Abbotsford Community Services is pleased to announce the opening of its new pre-arrival services office in Chandigarh, India. Take-Off India 2 Canada is designed to facilitate the transition process for visa ready Indians moving to Canada.

“ If only I knew this before I came to Canada, I would have equipped myself better” is a phrase ACS settlement workers have often heard from people who immigrate here. “ We are increasingly seeing a lot of economic immigrants from North India and we are excited to be able to provide a hub of services which build social and economic connections and linkages for people before they ever set foot in Canada” says Manpreet Grewal, Director of Multi-cultural and Immigrant Services. “They will be encouraged to participate in the India2Canada program to begin working on their settlement plan by attending various in-person orientation meetings and workshops. People will also be able to attend webinars delivered by Canadian Employers and make online connections with Employers.

Other components will include general orientation to Canada, Canadian Laws, the culture, geography, political systems, labour market information, housing options, school and education systems, and more.”

ACS has an employee already on the ground in India, Nimrita Bains. Ms. Bains will coordinate the set-up of the office, outreach to appropriate community groups, and connect with the Canadian Consulate in Chandigarh. “We have long recognized that the settlement process for newcomers to Canada can be very challenging. This program will fill that need by working with those planning to immigrate before they even leave India.”

One practical aspect of support and assistance that will be offered through the India2Canada program is helping individuals identify all the documentation they will need for arrival in any province in the country.

The ACS office in Chandigarh will be located at B412 Elante and staffed by three Abbotsford Community Services employees.

The ACS pre arrival services will regionally partner with DiverseCity Community Resources Society based in Surrey and MOSAIC based in Vancouver to assist individuals and families settling anywhere in the Lower Mainland. It will also partner with University of the Fraser Valley which already has an established presence in Chandigarh India. This program is funded by Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada.