Moving Ahead Program (MAP)

The Moving Ahead (MAP) helps immigrant individuals and families with multiple needs and significant integration barriers.


  • To help clients gain the capacity to cope with issues and barriers and to acquire sufficient skills to participate in regular Settlement or community services and programs
  • To provide a coordinated support system across service sectors in communities with a large number of Vulnerable Immigrant Populations


  • Intake and In-Home Assessment
  • Case management of Individual Client Files
  • Settlement Information and Counselling
  • Practical Assistance & Supported Access to Services
  • Support Groups and Workshops
  • Life Skills, Literacy and Essential Skills Development

Are You Eligible?

This program is for high needs and high risk immigrant youth, adults and families. It is based on:

  • Immigration Status, AND
  • The complexity, multiplicity and severity of the barriers faced by potential participants, AND
  • Must be a Permanent Resident of Canada, OR
  • A Protected Person as defined by Section 95 of the Immigrant and Refugee Protection Act, OR
  • Individuals who have been selected by Canada to become Permanent Resident and have received a letter from Citizenship & Immigration Canada stating so

This program is NOT open to Refugee Claimants until their claim is accepted.

For More Information Call: 604.859.7681 Ext. 235 or view the brochure.