Keeping Children Safe at Busy Crossings

Abbotsford Community Services has chosen to discontinue our service contract for the Crossing Guard program in the Abbosford School District effective December 21st 2018. Our decision was not taken lightly and is the result of a carefully thought-out process to make sure our programs are fulfilling our agency’s vision of ensuring “Justice, opportunities and equitable access for all.”

Starting in 2019, the Crossing Guards program will be administered entirely by the Abbotsford School District. We have greatly appreciated working alongside the School District in providing this valuable service of helping children get to school safely over the last 38 years.

If you have any questions regarding services between now until Dec 21st please contact Neil Stark at Abbotsford Community Services. For queries about the period after Dec 21st 2018 please direct your questions to your local principal. Please continue to direct your community traffic safety concerns to the City of Abbotsford or the Abbotsford Police Department.

About the Crossing Guards Program

Abbotsford Community Services, in contract with School District #34, is responsible for providing adult crossing guards to help ensure the safety of schoolchildren and other pedestrians at 25 designated crossings in our community.

Under the supervision of a Crossing Guard Coordinator, these designated crossings are staffed mornings and afternoons while school is in session (September to June.)

To learn more about the crossing guard program, please email or call 604-302-1786.