Community Based Victim Assistance

Specialized Victim Assistance provides emotional support, justice related information referrals and practical assistance to victims and their families, of crime and trauma. The types of files that we assist with are: 

  • Relationship violence, including; child and youth physical abuse, 
  • partner assault,
  • family violence and elder abuse; 
  • sexual assault, including child and youth sexual assault, adult sexual assault, and adult survivors of sexual assault;
  • criminal harassment.

The program gathers relevant information from Crown Counsel and the Police to facilitate a coordinated approach as well as to provide clear and accurate information to clients. The clients are taught about the court process in order to reduce the anxiety that they may feel about the Justice System. They are given information about the legal process on a one-to-one basis through the use of relevant written material, visits to Crown Counsel, and court tours prior to their court appearance.

The program also provides court accompaniment to Preliminary Hearings and Trials. Providing assistance with various forms such as Crime Victim Assistance applications and Victim Impact Statements are also an important part of our services. Finally, referrals to relevant support groups, private counselling, Victim Safety Unit and various community agencies. We provide the above services in Abbotsford and Mission. These services are also provided in Hindi and Punjabi through our Multi-Cultural Specialized Victim Assistance Program.

The Services are funded by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Optional Services

In additional to the required services, we also provide some optional services. For example, we respond to all inquires for public awareness and education in the local community on victimization, and victim services. From time-to-time required services as described above are provided after regular program hours. Sometimes, clients are also provided transportation to hospital, court, Crown Counsel and police appointments. In addition we may assist in the first stage of the application process for the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance.

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