Interrupting the Flow of Young People Into Organized Crime or Gangs



The purpose of the In It Together program is to disrupt and interrupt the flow of young people (ages 12 – 30) into organized crime or gangs.

Criteria for Referrals


  • Youth (ages 12 – 30) whose peers or home environment put them at risk of or currently involved in:
  • Criminal activities/behaviour
  • Violent/aggressive behaviour
  • And/or
  • Selling drugs (at school or in the community)
  • Delivering drugs/packages for dealers
  • May have been previously charged
  • May have served a sentence in a youth or adult institution (re-entering into the community)


  • May need support meeting basic needs, may live in poverty, inadequate housing conditions, low income etc.
  • May have violence or high conflict in the home
  • Family members may be criminally involved (including extended family)
  • Parents in need of parenting skills, life skills, or support.
  • Parents may struggle with physical or mental health disability
  • Youth do not need to be gang or criminally involved (for prevention support)
  • Have children between the ages of 12 – 24

Referrals received from the community. Due to limited funding, we are only able to provide limited services and youth may have to be placed on a waitlist for services.

For more information contact:

Alison Gutrath, Community Coordinator or 604.853.1582 local 227

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End Gang Life: Myths & Realities

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